You Can Travel AND Stay Healthy

Published On: Dec 20 2013 12:14:36 PM CST

Are you traveling this holiday season?  If so, you could run into colder temperatures AND lots of people with colds.  But just because you're traveling WITH sniffling people doesn't mean you have to join in their "fun."  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Travel Health Consultant had some great advice on staying healthy - she says it's as simple as going back to basics.

  • Wash hands.
  • Carry tissues & use them PROPERLY (sneeze or cough into sleeves or tissues).
  • Get a flu shot.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Get good sleep (aim for 8 hours).
  • Don't tough contaminated surfaces then your face/eyes/mouth.

If you're the one already feeling sick, try to avoid the travel.  If you can't, CNN's Karin Caifa says you can actually contact your airline - they may reschedule your flight should you provide a doctor's note.

Follow these tips and help others do the same, and you'll enjoy a cold-free holiday season!