Wrecking Balm: Does It Work?

Published On: Nov 06 2013 10:26:20 PM CST

There's a reason why we almost never see one of our co-workers at KWCH with her hair up.

"I have a star on the back of my neck I would like to shoot away,” Veronica Hill said.

Many people can relate to some unwanted ink. So when Veronica asked us to test a tattoo fade system called "Wrecking Balm," we were happy to help.

We bought the initial kit for $49.94.  But during our 10-week test, we also purchased a refill for $32.11. Both of those totals include shipping.

Before we start testing, we take a good look at Veronica's regrettable tattoo.  

Then we start the first application. Veronica puts a quarter-size amount of the Suffusion Gel on the DemoMatic, which has an erosion head attached to it.

"It kinda hurts. Not hurts. It feels like microdermabrasion, I guess,” Veronica said.

That's how the company says it's supposed to work. For the first week, Veronica will use this for three days and for 45 seconds each time, eventually working up to a minute. Next, Veronica washes off the gel and applies the Hydravescent Cream.

"You know, the reviews were good. People said it took time, but it worked,” Veronica said.

We check back in with Veronica five weeks later.

"I think I've noticed a little bit of difference in the coloring. It seems to start to fade a little bit and the black on the edges of the piece are starting to crack up,” Veronica said.

The company says if used as directed, fading could happen in as little as two months. We check in with Veronica ten weeks after she started using the product.

"I don't think it's working,” Veronica said.

The change she did notice wasn’t enough to convince Veronica the product was working.

"I think that maybe the black around the bottom looks like it's starting to crackle up a little bit, but overall the entire tattoo, the entire piece is still pretty visible,” Veronica said.

An unwanted side effect of trying to get rid of her unwanted tattoo: Veronica says her skin was so dry, it started to crack.

Does it work?

"I would say not,” Veronica said.

We reached out to the company several times.  But it never got back to us about the results of our testing. The company says over and over again on its website every tattoo is different. And, it repeatedly says to be patient; it just takes time for the product to work.  

However, Veronica felt she saw little results for the time she invested in using the system.