Wichita's most impressive Halloween decorations this season

Published On: Oct 31 2013 10:30:40 AM CDT

Once again, homeowners have displayed an impressive array of Halloween decorations on their lawns. Blow-ups, cemeteries, hanging skeletons and carved pumpkins can all be seen in East Wichita.

However, one ambitious homeowner seems to have them all beat on most impressive décor this Halloween season. On the corner of Fountain and Waterman, a creative display of skulls, zombies and other spooky characters have covered one home's lawn.

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What makes this house stand out from the rest is the light show. At night, the home’s stunning Halloween display comes to life in rhythm to lights and music. The show is synced with tunes that include an arrangement of Halloween-themed songs that are enjoyable for kids and adults.

The light show can be seen from 6PM to 10PM, each show lasting around 18 minutes long. While you’re in your car, tune in to the radio station (posted on a sign in the front lawn), to listen to the music. The show will play throughout the weekend and will end on Halloween, which falls on this Thursday.