Why should you choose Hutchinson Community College?

Published On: Dec 24 2013 12:31:33 PM CST   Updated On: Oct 28 2013 05:01:02 PM CDT
Wichita, KS -

The perfect place for a college education is in close reach at Hutchinson Community College. If you weren’t considering HCC before, here are the top 10 reasons why they should be contenders for your complete college experience.

10. HCC’s Beautiful Campus

Modern, updated buildings and beautifully landscaped walkways and plazas aren’t typical for community colleges. HCC defies the odds with their award-winning campus and takes pride in the upkeep of each area on campus.

9. Campus size? Just right.

With a city of 40,000 people, Hutchinson is small enough to gather a sense of belonging and home – but don’t think that means there’s nothing to do! Hutchinson has two of the eight wonders of Kansas, outstanding attractions, a thriving art, music and restaurant scene, as well as world-class museums.

8. The College Experience

Some people say that community college is for people who can’t handle the “real” college experience. You’ll find that HCC is as real as it gets and that more expensive universities don’t guarantee involvement in the college experience. HCC’s activities and organizations, along with the many events they plan, keep students busy and involved.

7. They know how to win

HCC is a member of the Jayhawk Athletic Conference, which means they field some of the top athletic teams in the nation! Their 13 athletic teams compete at the highest levels and perform well, no matter what the sport.

6. Transferring is easy

The classes you take at HCC don’t just stay there. Their credits are easily transferred between universities. You’ll find that HCC students perform better and tend to be better prepared than students who took prerequisites at other institutions.

5. Tradition

People love HCC because of its tradition. 95% of Hutchinson Blue Dragons say they would recommend HCC to a prospective college students…and with 90,000 graduates, that’s a lot of people!

4. Affordable

College is expensive- that’s why Hutchinson Community College has made a conscious effort to make HCC one of the cheapest college options Kansas has to offer, with low tuition costs and a robust scholarship program.

3. You’re never too far from home

HCC’s location allows you to travel for your college experience without being too far away from your home town. They’re only 45 minutes from Wichita and reasonable road trips to Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska and other cities in Kansas.

2. They’re flexible

If you can’t get to Hutchinson, HCC offers satellite locations in Newton and McPherson. Class times don’t work for you? They have options as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m. Your options aren’t limited at HCC.

1. True Blue Excellence

Hutchinson Community College prides itself on excellent education and 80 years of tradition. Come see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. For more information about HCC, visit them online at


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