Whistle While You Work

Published On: Jan 06 2014 11:29:18 AM CST

When it's too cold to leave the house I say, why not clean it? Sunday, that's what my husband and I set out to do. Bailey did an excellent job supervising. I am not a pack rat by any stretch of the imagination but my other half tends to hold on to blue jeans that are too big, shoes he hasn't worn in years even a voter registration card from the late 1990's. We began in the kitchen with the dreaded junk draws and worked our way through cabinets, pantry and fridge; two garbage bags later our home already felt lighter. I have no idea how two garage bags worth of junk filled our small kitchen. If you don’t have one I suggest putting a shredder on your Valentine's Day wish list, I use mine often and I know our personal information is protected, well as protected as it can be given all the recent computer hacking. We cleaned, purged and straightened for 5 hours, even wiping down the top of the fridge (gross!) Let me just say I felt much more prepared when our professional organizer, Kirsten Awe, with Three Pea in Wichita came on the show to talk about organizational goals for the New Year. Here is what she had to share, happy cleaning!

"Resolution" has become a dirty word because it's associated with promises we've made to ourselves and then quickly abandon them, usually making us feel guilty for not accomplishing what we wanted / needed to get done.  A better way to accomplish these resolutions is to look at them as goals.  Unlike promises, goals require a little more thought and help keep you on track to what we've set out to do.

1)    Write down all the places / ways you'd like to get organized.  This might include:

a.    Paper / Files
b.    Clothes Closet
c.    Storage Room
d.    Garage

2)    Choose one or two items to work on at a time. For this example we will use getting our clothes closet organized.

3)    Start with the end in mind.

a.    I want to have my closet painted with a new bright color
b.    I want to pare down the cloths I have, getting rid of outdated or unused items
c.    I want my shoes placed in plastic shoe boxes and labeled so they're easy to find

4)    Turn into Action Plan

a.    Pick-up paint
b.    Purchase plastic shoe boxes
c.    Get trash bags and boxes for paring down cloths
d.    Carve out enough time to get my closet organized within two weeks (deadline, February 15th)

5)    Assign Time (be sure to schedule in your calendar and be specific. if you schedule the time frame, you shouldn't have any conflicts that will get in the way

a.    Pick-up paint and supplies, plastic shoe boxes, 3 used boxes, trash bags at XYZ  this Friday after work
b.    Saturday from 9:00-1:00 clear out closet and begin painting
c.    Saturday evening 5:00-7:00 finish up painting
d.    Sunday afternoon from 2:00-5:00 go through items and sort for keep, donate, trash.
e.    Monday after work, take donate items to charity
f.    Tuesday 10:00 -12:00 place and label shoes in plastic boxes, stack neatly in closet.
g.    Saturday 9:00-1:00 place all remaining items neatly organized in closet

Now on to the next project!!!