Where's the paper?

Published On: May 07 2014 03:31:18 PM CDT
Fired, for a mistake?

If you read the Wichita Eagle on Sunday's you may have noticed the paper was very late this past weekend.

Hours late in fact, because of a mechanical issue.

One caller to our Answerback line was upset about the delay, and also said he was "stunned" that Eyewitness News didn't do a story about it.

"Stunned"...he repeated.

People in newsrooms these days search for much of their news and story tips on-line, not in newspapers.

Now, the internet not working?

THAT would have been a big deal.

An example would be my own children, in their upper 20s and early 30s.

I'm not even sure they know there still IS a newspaper.

To them, the Sunday paper being late just means that old farts like dad can't read the comics with their oatmeal.