Where's the Beef?

Published On: Mar 20 2014 09:55:10 AM CDT

I’m on a new kick right now, eating vegetarian during the week (except for fish). It’s not in an effort to lose weight or make a statement but I have certain food allergies that I can no longer ignore. I’m trying to eat cleaner, if there is such a thing. Eating wheat, beef and most processed sugars often make me feel sick.

During my yoga retreat a few weeks ago I realized just how much it was affecting my everyday life. By eliminating those foods I had more energy, slept better and didn’t feel hungry as often. I’m in week three and while I’m craving donuts as I type this post; I understand the consequences are an upset stomach and pain that will take hours to subside.

Since kicking my sweet tooth is never going to happen I’m searching the web for alternatives that can satisfy me during the week and I’ve found one: Raw Vegan Chocolate Macaroons. I found this recipe on a blog called ‘Dandelions on the Wall’. Here is the recipe with my own tweaks. Do you have a favorite healthy recipe? Please share it with me!


1 {heaping} Cup Shredded Sweetened Coconut
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil (I use a little less)
5 Tbsp. Cocoa Powder
2 Tbsp. Maple Syrup (the real stuff)
1/2 tsp. Vanilla

To Make:

Add coconut to your food processor, cover, and pulse several times to further break up the coconut.
Add the remaining ingredients, cover, and run the processor again to mix completely.
Work quickly and roll the mixture into small balls (or use a small scoop) and place in a dish lined with parchment paper.
Refrigerate immediately, allowing the macaroons to set up, then cover and store in your fridge or freezer.