Views and Brews

Published On: Apr 25 2014 11:08:03 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 25 2014 11:08:12 AM CDT

I’ve heard for years how fabulous Denver is and how I need to visit. I secretly rolled my eyes thinking, how great could it possibly be? I’ve been a lot of places, if you can’t tell in previous posts I’m kind of addicted to traveling. But after this Easter weekend I take all my eye rolls back because Denver is indeed fabulous!

We drove to Colorado with friends for a 4-day weekend event that touched on a little of everything: outdoors, city life and adventure. We began our trip in Golden, just outside Denver, at the Coors Brewery. The tour is free, so is the beer tasting at the end; my suggestion is to walk to a restaurant in Golden because they give you an ample amount of beer. We walked to a pizza place and indulged to say the very least.

We spent day two in downtown Denver walking around the 16th Street Mall then heading over to Coors stadium to watch a Rockies Game. I’m a huge fan of baseball and we’ll hit up a game in every city that has a major league team. We’re pretty picky about our seats too; we prefer to be on the third base line close enough to see the player’s eye color. Ha! But don’t let me forget to tell you about the food; the glorious food! I don’t just suggest but demand if you’re in Denver you eat at Snooze. I prefer to try new places when you’re visiting but this breakfast place was so good we ate their twice. The first time I chose the breakfast tacos with a homemade jalapeno hollandaise sauce – taste bud explosion! The chef told us to always ask if the restaurant if they make their hollandaise in house otherwise avoid it, something about too many preservatives. The last day in Denver I ordered the ‘Flight of Pancakes’ three, delicious, over-the-top, gluten free, pancakes. Are those enough adjectives?

We wrapped up our trip with a hike outside of Boulder at El Dorado Canyon Trail. This is a perfect trail for active people who don’t hike often. I could barely walk the next day but the views and challenge were well worth it. If you get a chance to eat at Riffs on Pearl Street, do, but go during non-peak hours. I read online the wait can be long so we ate lunch around 2pm. Most of our trips center around food, it’s a chance to try something new and steer clear of our diet. (Which I feel like I’m constantly on) I tried the fired chicken and biscuits with pimento cheese gravy, is your mouth watering yet? I could have eaten two but decided to save room for dessert. Walk down Pearl Street, there is tons of shopping and places to sample desserts.

After a long nap back at the hotel and scrumptious Italian dinner we packed up the next morning a few pounds heavier and a whole lot happier.