The Backstretch Blog: The Rainmaker

Published On: Apr 07 2014 10:44:40 AM CDT

Here we are Monday, waiting to race again. This is the third time this season a race has been postponed by rain, and it seems like just about every weekend rain has delayed a practice or cancelled a qualifying session. I think we have found a solution to the drought on the plains, invite in NASCAR.

All joking aside, I think all these rainouts have shown a bright light once again on NASCAR’s outdated rainout policy. Monday at noon probably seemed like a good idea at some point, but Monday at noon really isn’t really a great option any more.

Those who can’t stay at the track on Monday aren’t going to stay whether the race is at noon or at 7pm. So all NASCAR is doing by running at noon is taking real eyes of the race, in the form of tv ratings.

With the green flag set to drop in less and an hour from now, many folks will be huddled in a cubicle, listening on and off to the great Doug Rice and the PRN crew, maybe with Raceview pulled up. But you will get interrupted by you know work, so it won’t be the same. (Though I recommend always having the radio broadcast on, so much more exciting that way, but I digress).

I’ve brought this point up before, but maybe it is time to think about why NASCAR races on Sunday to begin with. Is it tradition? Strategy placement in the market? Both? Neither?

More importantly is it time to come up with a better rain plan?