The Backstretch Blog: Relaxed Edwards enjoying his place in the Chase

Published On: Apr 09 2014 01:35:37 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 09 2014 01:53:34 AM CDT
KANSAS CITY, Missouri -

Carl Edwards was nervous as he waited to throw out the pitch at Kaufman Stadium on Tuesday. He just really wanted to make sure he got his pitch close to the strike zone.

“I threw out the pitch at Fenway,” said Edwards of his previous experience at Boston’s Fenway Stadium. “And I threw it high and wide, but fortunately the catcher caught it, which meant a lot to me. “But he looked at me like ‘dude that was really bad’ so hopefully I can do a good job tonight.”

Those nerves could also be present for Edwards on the race track, if he didn’t have an early season victory at Bristol already in his pocket. Under NASCAR’s new points system, a win all but assures you a spot in the sports post season, known as the Chase for the Championship.

“Right now the sport of NASCAR is insane,” said Edwards. “There’s so much stuff happening, there’s so much pressure. I’m really grateful to have a win already. That win at Bristol, it makes it so that I can come out and do things like this and have a good time.”

And Edwards certainly seemed to be enjoying himself on Tuesday. He spent time watching batting practice, chatting with players and coaches, signing autographs and even getting a few of his own. For a kid that grew up 90 miles from the ball park, though admittedly as a Cardinals fan, Tuesday was quite an experience.

“This is really cool for me, I’ve driven by this place so many times,” said Edwards. “To be standing here and for everyone here to take the time to share baseball with a NASCAR guy and let me share a little NASCAR with everybody, it’s an honor.”

Which brings us back to that first pitch, it was a strike this time.