The Backstretch Blog: Is NASCAR just 'Chasing' its own tail?

Published On: Jan 18 2014 01:39:30 PM CST

A report in the ‘Charlotte Observer’ Friday certainly has the NASCAR world buzzing this weekend. Just the idea of yet another change to the Chase for Championship has many fans screaming; enough with the change already.

The reaction is completely understandable. Since the Chase was introduced in 2004, the format has changed three times. Each time seemingly leaving fans wishing that this be the last time NASCAR changes the way it crowns it champ, but each time they know it likely will not be.

NASCAR is not the only sport that likes to tinker with its championship system. The NFL is pondering adding two more playoff teams, there is constant talk about expanding the NCAA basketball field and the NCAA football field is finally adopting some sort of a playoff system next season. The problem is, as we all know, NASCAR is not basketball or football. It’s the thing we all love about the sport, but something that seems to be keeping those that make the rules up at night.

I realize the name of the game is to attract fans and win ratings and it is difficult to do that late in the season once football kicks off. But assuming that a simple changing of the points system will somehow attract new fans seems to be a flawed premise.

When lower level teams in college football wanted to get tv time, they didn’t come up with some gimmick to attract viewers, they went were the competition wasn’t. They play Tuesday nights and Thursday nights. NASCAR should consider the same. Maybe a Friday night show for the Sprint Cup series? Maybe more Saturday races? Just during the chase for the Championship.

The thing is NASCAR is never going to be stick and ball sports at their game and honestly why would they want to? What makes NASCAR special it that it has a different type of drama than other sports.  To artificially try to make it football is ridiculous. If I wanted to watch football, I’ll just turn on football.

This could be much to do about nothing. This change may never come. But if it does, NASCAR needs to make sure it’s a change they can live with for a while. Because the constant change is actually becoming more annoying the changes themselves.