The Backstretch Blog: Don't Know Much About History

Published On: Dec 06 2013 12:00:00 AM CST

In light of the changes to the NASCAR Hall of Fame eligibility, I feel the re-post of this blog from 2011 would be appropriate:


Okay we are all adults here, and we all know the saying about opinions and a certain part of one's anatomy. That being said, I have a few about the recent class inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

First of all, don't get me wrong, I take nothing away from the 5 that were selected. They like about 50 others out there right now are more than deserving, but I just think things are a little out of whack here.

I guess I have the biggest problem with Richie Evans. Not that I don't think that Evans is a no-brainer Hall of Famer. It just appears that in the voting committee's effort to get diversity in each class, they have put the apple before the cart. How can you put a modified champ (even the best modified champ) into the Hall of Fame before one of the sports founding fathers? I mean Raymond Parks was there that day when they formed what would become NASCAR in the Streamline Hotel in 1947. And he would become the first championship car owner. Without Raymond Parks and a handful of others, there would be no NASCAR.

I have no problem with Darrell Waltrip or Cale Yarbrough either. Again both are no doubt Hall of Famers. But what abI have no problem with Darrell Waltrip or Cale Yarbrough either. Again both are no doubt Hall of Famers. But what about the original show time drivers? Before DW was dancing the Icky Shuffle in victory lane, Tim Flock was riding around with a monkey as a passenger. And before Cale was laying the smack down on the field, Red Byron was making history as the sports FIRST champion.

And then there is Glen Wood. Absolutely deserving. But how do you put one Wood Brother in the Hall of Fame? That's like putting one Bee Gee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are the Wood Brothers. It's Glen and Leonard. It's just doesn't seem right any other way.

As for Dale Inman, he's a fine selection, too. But this sport is so driver personality driven. I would have rather seen some of the top drivers in the sport get in, Cotton Owens or Herb Thomas, before a crew chief. Not that crew chiefs aren't important. They just aren't the show.

Again this is just one person's opinion. I definitely offer my congratulations to the new Hall of Famers. They are no doubt deserving. But as a relatively new fan to the sport, this is an opportunity for NASCAR to introduce people who are the important cornerstones of the sport to people like me. I know all about DW, Cale and Glen Wood. NASCAR needs to introduce the likes of Flock and Parks and Byron to a new generation, before they are completely forgotten.