The Backstretch Blog: Bowyer on the Backstretch

Published On: Aug 13 2014 11:33:00 PM CDT

It’s getting down to the wire for Kansas native Clint Bowyer. There are just four races left until the Chase for the Championship begins, and Bowyer is clinging on to the final spot on the Chase for the Championship grid. So what does he need to do to make the Chase?

“Win, plain and simple,” said Bowyer. “But if we don’t, we just need to keep focused on not making mistakes. A lot can happen and a lot of that is somewhat out of our control so we just need to focus on this 5-hour ENERGY team and do what we have to, knocking off good finishes if we don’t get that win.”

There are some tracks in the final four that present some good chances for Bowyer to win. This week’s race at Michigan probably would be considered one of them. Bowyer has nine top 10s at the track, seven straight, and a career best finish of fifth at this race on year ago.

“Well it’s a real fast track so you want to have some horses pulling your car,” said Bowyer. “And aero is big there too. We had a decent run going last time. Fuel mileage seems to be a factor a lot of times at the end of the race so you have to be on it as far as strategy and Brian Pattie always does a good job of that.”