The Backstretch Blog: Bowyer on the Backstretch

Published On: Nov 13 2013 05:22:20 PM CST

As the NASCAR season winds to a close, Kansas native may be out of the championship race, but he still has plenty to race for. Bowyer set a goal a few weeks back to finish in the top five in points, and though it will be tough, he can still get there. Heading into the weekend race at Homestead, the 15 is 23 points behind fifth place Jeff Gordon.

“We want to finish top-five in points which is still a possibility,” said Bowyer. “I know it might seem like a little bit of a long shot, but we were a long shot, a very long shot, to finish second last year and we did that with a little help.”

And some good racing on Bowyer’s part. He actually has a pretty good track, only finishing outside of the top 12 once and taking second at this track one season ago. That history of success might actually help Bowyer check a few more things of the season’s wish list.

“This is our last chance to accomplish a couple of the goals that we set for this season - and that’s important to me,” said Bowyer. “This is our last chance to win a race for the season. It’s our last chance to win a pole so we can race in the Sprint Unlimited at Daytona.”

Even without a win or a pole, running well at Homestead, would give the 15 some nice momentum to take into the off season.

“I’ve done well at Homestead in my career. If you look at some of the finishes we’ve had I think we’ve only really stubbed our toe once and that was a long time ago,” said Bowyer. “It means a lot to go into the off-season on a high note in terms of momentum and morale and we have a chance to do that this weekend.”