Stick N Find

Published On: Nov 27 2013 10:43:52 PM CST

Friends Cassie Bieker and Emily McVay have a lot in common. Not only are they moms, but they're also "expert finders” for their families.

But, they admit, it might be easier if they had something like the "Stick N Find.” It's a Bluetooth location sticker, that the makers say, helps you find things. Just pair the sticker to your phone with an app, and attach the sticker to the object you don't want to lose. We bought a two-pack for about $50.

Click her for Stick N Find's official website

Cassie and Emily download the free app to their iPhones.  Next, Cassie starts reading the instructions.

"Make sure my blue tooth radio is on,” Cassie said.

She says some of the directions are confusing. Cassie tries to get her iPhone to find her "Stick N Find" sticker.

"If your sticker has never been paired before, please tap the sticker four times with your finger and then you should hear a beep,” Cassie said.

Four taps. But no beep.

15 minutes later ... Cassie gets a beep. She’s now ready to see if her sticker works. She attaches it to her keys. And she sees it flashing on the app's radar.

"There's a lot of information on that one screen,” Cassie said.

Emily runs off to hide the keys. Now it's Cassie's turn to find them ... somewhere in her house.

But Cassie was lost in the app. Emily ends up showing Cassie where she hid the keys. But Cassie isn't lost for words.

"(It) wouldn't want to connect. (It) took us forever to try to get it to connect the first time.  Finally got connected to it, but then I stuck it on something and it won't show up on my radar,” Cassie said.

Does it work?

"No," Cassie said.

But don’t give up on this product yet. We called the company. They told us some old stickers were sent out. That's what happened in our case. They quickly sent us an updated one, free of charge.  

We were able to use that sticker to update our original sticker. And, it quickly worked on an iPhone five - no problem at all.

The company says you need an iPhone 4s or newer.