NASCAR Media Week: Is the Chase changing to keep Johnson from winning?

Published On: Jan 28 2014 09:19:11 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 28 2014 08:41:00 PM CST

There is no question Jimmie Johnson has been very successful in the Chase for the Championship era of NASCAR. Which does bring up a very interesting question for the six-time champion, are the likely changes to the Chase this season a way to keep him from winning so much?

“It’s crossed my mind, I’m not gonna lie,” said Johnson.

It’s been reported that NASCAR will announce a major overhaul to the Chase for the Championship on Thursday that include expanding the field to 16, eliminating drivers every three races and having a winner take all final race at Homestead to end the season.

But if that’s the plan, and no one will know exactly what the changes to the Chase format are until Thursday, Johnson says it won’t work.

“When I look at the years that we’ve won championships, we’re won a lot of races and we’re won a lot of races in the Chase,” said Johnson.  “The way this format plays out you would have this opportunity at Homestead. So this could be something very good for us.”

You wanna bet?

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne is from Washington State and he loves his Seahawks. In fact he is teaming up with Russell Wilson and some other members of the team this summer for a charity golf tournament this summer. But there is a more pressing Seahawk matter to get to first, Super Bowl XLVIII.

Kahne has made a bet with fellow football fan and driver Kyle Busch, who grew up in Las Vegas and is a huge Broncos fan. So what is on the line in this wager?

“Just whoever wins, I got Seahawks obviously and he’s got the Broncos, the other guy has to wear the jersey of the quarterback and a hat during one day of Speed Weeks,” said Kahne. “I’m hopin’ the Seahawks pull it off cause I definitely don’t want to wear an orange jersey down there.”

Almost Paradise

Martin Truex, Jr. had a rough 2013, most of which was not his own doing. After getting booted from the Chase for the Championship and then losing his sponsor and then his ride at Michael Waltrip Racing, Truex gets a fresh start this season at Furniture Row Racing.

“A lot of things happened last year and I think the best thing for me was just to move on an try to forget about it,” said Truex. “I think this (move to Furniture Row Racing) definitely helps that process.”

Truex made his appearance at the 2014 Sprint Media Tour stop via Skype, on vacation in the Caribbean.  The trip was planned before the media tour was planned but Truex said he didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

“This was already planned, the media tour came up and I was like ‘oh no what are we going to do’?” said Truex. “I really wish I was there, but I’d rather look behind me and see that it’s not snowing. I’m pretty happy.”