Johnson wins, Bowyer 4th as the Monster Mile bites many competitors

Published On: Jun 02 2014 01:41:09 AM CDT   Updated On: Jun 02 2014 09:40:42 AM CDT

NASCAR via Getty Images

It appears reports of Jimmie Johnson’s demise have been extremely exaggerated. After going the first 11 races of the season without a victory, Johnson dominated in Dover and cruised to his second straight win in 2014.

“We can get on a roll,” said Johnson. “We've got some good tracks ahead for us.  I think that tracks really build momentum for teams and drivers, and going to Charlotte is a great track, here is a great track for us, Pocono next weekend is Chad's favorite racetrack, and I think you can look ahead at the summer months and see who historically runs well at different tracks and kind of pick your favorites.  It certainly has been that way for us.”

The win is Johnson’s ninth career win at Dover and he is now the all-time laps leader at the Monster mile.

Kansas native Clint Bowyer rebounded from an early dust up with Kyle Busch and battled to a fourth place finish.

“It was a day -- alright.  It’s just kind of the way everything goes,” said Bowyer. “I hated to be in that situation with the 18.  It’s one of those deals where I thought I was clear obviously and wasn’t and ruined his day and certainly didn’t help mine.  But, nonetheless the guys kept digging and working hard and kept fixing it up -- and man I tell you if it wasn’t for debris cautions and stuff like that that keep coming out I think we can be in contention to win one of these things.  We certainly had the fuel mileage and everything else.  Did our homework with the facts that were given, and unfortunately those facts changed.”

The race was red flagged twice. Once for an accident between AJ Allmendinger, Greg Biffle and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr and once when a six inch piece off track came apart and slammed into the front end of the Cesena sponsored car of Jamie Mc Murray.

“It was unfortunate for the 1 man,” said Bowyer. “He couldn’t hit it any worse.  I knew as soon as -- I was right behind him and as soon as he hit it boy that thing took off and flew up in the air and ruined his day. “

NASCAR representatives say they checked out the track prior to the race, which is standard procedure and didn’t see any issues in the area.

“Well, the track doesn't want things like this to happen any more than we do or the competitors do,” said NASCAR VP of Competition Robin Pemberton.  “I mean, you always go into a facility -- things happen, and that's why we have -- that's why we're trained, we have people that are trained in these types of things, and that's why the group is able to make repairs in 20 minutes or so.”