Smart Pajamas

Published On: Oct 31 2013 06:13:04 AM CDT   Updated On: Nov 06 2013 12:13:17 PM CST

In the Jaso home, bed time... means story time. Four-year-old Grace and 20-month-old Henry love to cuddle-up with Mom, Robyn, and Dad, Jeremy. They're the perfect testers for the "Smart Pj's."

The makers claim "Smart Pj's" are the world's first and only interactive pajamas. That's because the bedtime stories are supposed to be linked to the dotted designs. The company’s website says you just "choose a story from their pj's. Capture the code and that's it."

We bought each pair for nearly 30-dollars each. That does not include shipping and handling.

Grace and Henry make a quick change into their new blue and pink pj's. Dad Jeremy already downloaded the "Smart Pj's" app on his iPad. But trying to capture a quality picture on a moving target is hard.

"Henry, put your shirt down bud, let daddy scan it,” Robyn said.

Jeremy gets really close to get a quality scan.

"And, it reads to you too,” Robyn said.

It's Grace's turn.

"I'm kind of glad we have an iPad because on a phone it would be too small,” Jeremy said.

The kids have fun picking-out the designs to scan. And they seem interested in the lessons about lady bugs, camels, and bears. So much fun... they both want to do it.

"Let your brother look too Grace,” Robyn said.

Robyn notices another "shortcoming."

"I don't like how the books are short and it's kind of hard to scan. But it seems like the kids love it,” Robyn said.

The Jaso's say these cute pajamas might be meant for the kids to sleep in. But, these pj's didn't make their kids want to go to bed. In fact, Grace and Henry wanted to stay awake and play with the app.

Does it work?

"It works, but not for us,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy downloaded the free "Smart Pj's" app from his app store and onto his iPad. The makers say iOS6 is required for the iPhone.

The company also says there are 47 different animal and bedtime stories.