Runners have a screaming good time at Wichita's Original Zombie Run

Published On: Oct 31 2013 10:24:20 AM CDT   Updated On: Oct 31 2013 10:26:44 AM CDT

The stench of death and decay hovered heavily over the Kansas Coliseum on Saturday, October 19.

Hundreds of runners had their fitness, and more importantly survival, put to the test during the Wichita’s Original Zombie Run.

This 5K was not your normal road race. Competitors ran a 5K obstacle course all while being chased by flesh-eating, bloody zombies. As a result, it wasn’t abnormal to watch one runner use another runner as a body shield.

All race participants wore flags that represented their lives. As runners made their way along the race route, they were constantly looking over their shoulders to check whether they were being chased by the undead.

If a zombie grabbed all of the runner’s flags, the runner “died” and they too became zombies. If a runner made it out of the race with their flags still on, they survived the zombie run.