Potato Express

Published On: Jan 29 2014 10:35:10 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 30 2014 07:03:44 AM CST

You don't just order a baked potato at Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q.  When, you get a spud here ... it's super-sized.

"We sell our loaded giant stuffed potatoes,” Chris Lathem of Hog Wild said.

Chris was willing to help us with our order, even if it wasn't on the menu.  We asked him to help us test the "Potato Express."

The commercial says it’s "the fastest, easiest way to cook perfect baked potatoes in just four minutes."  We bought two for about $25.  That includes shipping and handling.

Chris has his doubts about a microwaved baked potato.

"Usually they get wrinkly on the outside, the meat of the potato is really not flaky and soft,” Chris said.

But he's willing to give this potato pouch a try, with one of our "average sized" potatoes.

The instructions say to wash the potato first. But don't peel or poke holes in it. 

Next, just put it inside the "Potato Express" and close the flap.

Like the commercial and the instructions say, Chris sets the microwave for four minutes.

When the time is up, Chris cuts into the potato and says it isn’t fluffy. Chris says it needed more time in the microwave.

The makers also say the "Potato Express" can cook four spuds at a time.

"Four is going to be a tight fit,” Chris said.

We check in on the spuds after four minutes.

"I could break a car window with this,” Chris said.

After several attempts and reducing our potato load, we finally get two done to Chris' standards after 11 minutes.

"It does look better than most microwave potatoes,” Chris said.

Does it work?

"If you bought this thing, and (think) I'm going to cook a potato in four minutes, and it's going to be done, and it's going to be like just out of the oven, I think you're going to be disappointed,” Chris said.

Chris went on to say the potatoes cooked inside the pouch looked better than if you just threw a potato in the microwave.

We did reach out to the company. It sent us the statement below.

"Potato Express launched in September of 2013 and so far we have had overwhelmingly positive results when the product is used as instructed. We feel Potato Express is a great solution for cooking potatoes, and provides a benefit over alternative ways of cooking. Cooking time will vary depending on the size of the potato, power of your microwave, and other factors. As always, remember to use common sense when cooking: larger potatoes may take a longer time to cook and smaller potatoes may take a shorter amount of time. Enjoy!"  --Potato Express