Patience is a Virtue

Published On: Apr 03 2014 11:18:22 AM CDT

Patience is a virtue. And if we’re putting it all out there it’s something that escapes me. I can blame it on being first born or just a real go-getter but whatever excuse I attempt to give myself the truth is I work every day on being more patient. I think the Lord is working on me to. Ten lines could be open at the grocery store and I could get in the shortest one but inevitably I will finish checking out after everyone else. Or the dog will wet on the carpet for the one-hundredth time; or a package that says it’s out for delivery but then never arrives that day. You get the idea.

So, I started looking for ways to teach myself patience online and here’s the kicker, Google it! Most tips involve toddlers and kids so clearly I missed out on some important life lessons in kindergarten.

I did find one article that rang true about how travel can improve patience. You have to learn to wait, make the most of your time and you get to know different people and cultures.  So, while surfing the web to learn how to be more patient I’m now planning my next vacation.

Life lesson learned!