No Electricity?!

Published On: Feb 20 2014 09:35:37 AM CST

This year I’m all about trying new things so when the opportunity to attend a yoga retreat came up I jumped on it. My friend Emily and I practice yoga regularly; I’ve written about my exercise obsession before but now I’m taking it to a whole new level.

I’m traveling down to Mexico for a week to practice yoga for three hours a day! It’s a resort that focuses on health and nutrition, something I continue to learn more about and it’s a way to disconnect from it all. It’s not all workouts and healthy eating, they offer fun excursions like whale watching and surf lessons. But here’s the kicker, they don’t have electricity! Now, for folks who like to ‘rough it’ you might be chuckling to yourself right now but the last time I was without electricity was in 2005 when Hurricane Rita hit Houston and we were only dark for about ten hours, it felt like forever. This will be an entire week with no air conditioning, no windows and a mosquito net over my bed but it’s in a tropical paradise so I hope I can acclimate. The upside, there is electricity where we’re eat, ah solace.

I’m hoping for a fresh start, a chance for reflection and an experience of a lifetime. It’s called Haramara Retreat and I plan to give a full report when I get back. There are few times in your life when you really get to go out of your comfort zone; I’m interested in how I will respond and if it changes me. I like routine and my schedule but all too often I find complacency doesn’t allow me to grow personally or professionally. And if nothing else I will come back with a great tan!