Night View NV Glasses

Published On: Mar 20 2014 07:24:01 AM CDT   Updated On: Mar 20 2014 07:28:27 AM CDT

Do you want to see better while driving at night? A product called Night View NV Glasses claims it can help sharpen your vision when it's dark.

This Does It Work product went for a ride with Grene Vision Group's Dr. Trevor Askew.

"I don't think they're going to win any fashion contest," Dr. Askew said, sarcastically adding "as you can see here, they're very attractive."

We asked him to try "Night View NV glasses."

The commercial states: "You need visual clarity. Get it instantly, with Night View NV. The glare reduction glasses that turn fuzzy and dull into clear and bright. Even at night."

We found them for about $10, but after shipping and express processing, we paid close to $32.

In an exam room, with the lights off, Dr. Askew explains how he feels about the Night View NV glasses.

"It makes the borders of the letters a little more distinct," he says.

He says the glasses don't correct any vision problems, but the yellow lenses do help with clarity.

Our camera noticed a change when looking through the lenses. The image was slightly sharper.

"It's the same reason hunters use it for skeet shooting," Dr. Askew says, "It helps increase the contrast."

Dr. Askew tried the glasses while driving at night, too.

"I didn't find that they helped with the headlights, but it did make the signs a little more distinct," he told us.

In the end, Dr. Askew says the glasses do work, but they don't fix everything. If you do have vision problems, it's best to see a doctor.