Young 'Hawks seem tense on the court

Published On: Mar 21 2014 05:44:57 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 21 2014 05:47:24 PM CDT
ST. LOUIS, Mo. -

For as heavy a favorite as KU is vs. Eastern Kentucky, the team seems nervous. Can't figure out why but they don't seem comfortable in their space right now. Seem tense, cautious. You can't tell everything from their "open practice" but they seemed tense. Weird, I know.

But they are young. Tarik Black is the oldest guy on the team with actual, valuable NCAA experience. And he embraces the big brother role. Black is a fantastic young man. From a media standpoint, he is a dream to work with. He is polite, personable, he remembers your face and looks you in the eye. And he is a great quote. He is the go to in the locker room. His experience of simply talking to the younger players about being in this environment is priceless and if KU does make the Final Four, in my opinion, he will be the unsung hero.

But they have to beat Eastern Kentucky first. How to? Don't let them shoot the ball as much, and force them inside. Defense and rebounding. Where have I heard that before?