Young girl in pajamas found wandering in S. Wichita

Published On: Feb 06 2014 04:31:23 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 06 2014 07:10:41 PM CST

Three children have been placed in protective custody after a young girl was found wandering in subzero temperatures wearing pajamas.

Officers noticed a 4-year-old girl walking alone while working an accident near 55th and Broadway around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Lt. Doug Nolte said the temperature was 10 degrees below zero at the time.

"It appears that she did not have a jacket on," Nolte said.

The child told officers she left the house because her parents hit her. Officers found red marks on her bottom.

The girl led police to her home in South Wichita, where detectives said no one knew the girl was missing.

Officers questioned the mother and took two other children from the home, because police were concerned about their living conditions and safety. Eyewitness News has learned the children were younger twin girls.

Henry Dowell, the children's grandfather, defended his son and daughter-in-law.

"You can't whip them, you can't spank them, you surely can't beat the hell out of them...what's the law expect a parent to do now a days?" Dowell said. "They are not bad parents."

The Exploited and Missing Child's Unit continues to investigate the case. No arrests have been made.