Wow Cup: Does It Work?

Published On: Mar 13 2014 10:43:57 AM CDT   Updated On: Mar 13 2014 06:05:23 AM CDT

Mom Amy McCoskey can juggle her two boys.  It's their full cups that are harder to control.

"We hope for the best.  Hopefully it stays in the kitchen and mom doesn't have to clean up too much mess," Amy said.

But her boys saw a solution in the Wow Cup.  The commercial says "it's the amazing drink system where kids can roll, jump, and spin, and the drink always stays in."

We paid almost 56-dollars for four cups.  Keep in mind, that includes nearly 22 dollars for rush handling and shipping.

10-year-old Chad and four-year-old Wyatt are beyond excited to help us test these so-called "spill free" cups.

"You guys are awesome," Wyatt said.

Amy fills their Wow Cups up with chocolate milk and secures the lid with the 360 Uni-Flow drinking edge.

Once Wyatt figures out how to drink out of the cup... the boys start testing the cup's claims.  They shake their cups now full of juice and fruit punch.  Nothing comes out.  Then, they spin them on the counter.  Nothing again.  But when Chad drops his on the floor... we notice a little apple juice on the floor.

Now, it's off to a softer surface... the living room carpet.  A little apple juice spills out again.

"We did notice some spills, but there not as great as they would be if there was no lid on the cup or if it was a cup with a straw in it," Amy said.

Does it work?

"It does.  It does.  Just as long as you don't mind cleaning up a smaller mess," Amy said.

10-year-old Derek Eichman from Hays also wanted to help test this product for us.  He had the same results-it only leaked when it was dropped.  However, he said it spilled so little, he decided it still worked.

When we called the makers of the Wow Cup and explained our results, they sent us this statement: ""Wow Cup is a virtually spill-proof cup and ideal drinking solution for kids of all ages. Wow Cup prevents spills by only allowing liquid to flow when being sipped."