Winter weather can cause depression in some

Published On: Mar 05 2014 05:41:15 PM CST   Updated On: Mar 05 2014 05:55:33 PM CST

The ongoing winter may be causing some to suffer from the winter blues, better known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Joseph Garza spent some time outside Wednesday, looking at the wildlife exhibit at Riverside park in Wichita. He was among the few we saw outside in this chilly weather.

"I never want to get out and about in the cold weather, but you just get cabin fever for so long you just have to do it," Garza said.

Doctors like Hala Kazanchi agree. She says this on-going winter in Kansas can lead to symptoms of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

"The symptoms are fatigue, depressed mood, crying spells, problems with concentration. Also fluxuation in their appetite and sleep," Dr. Kazanchi said.

Sunlight helps ease those symptoms, but if the winter blues don't go away the best advice is to see your doctor.