Will Red Bull pay you to advertise for them?

Published On: Mar 31 2014 01:03:09 PM CDT
FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Will Red Bull actually pay you to advertise for them? A Kansas woman contacted FactFinder 12 after seeing an ad on Craigslist.

The ad says you can earn $400 per week by carrying an advertisement on your car or bike for Red Bull energy drink, along with a phone number.

When she reached out to whoever listed the ad, she received an email detailing a "paid to drive" concept where Red Bull seeks out car owners over 18 years old to go about their normal driving routine - only with "Red bull Drink" plastered on their cars using vinyl decals (known as "auto wraps").

The email then asks for your name, address and other information about yourself. A follow up email states that a check for $1,850 will be mailed to you with instructions to cash the check, take out your first week's pay ($400), and give the rest to the detailer who will put the decals on your vehicle (the "detailer" is apparently chosen by the scammers).

FactFinder 12 checked with Red Bull about the offer. According to their website, these offers are "not authorized Red Bull representatives or programs". The company goes on to state that the offers may be an attempt to collect your personal information or money.

You can read sample emails here: Red Bull Scams

So, if you get an offer like this, don't fall for it...disregard it.