Wiggins brothers help bridge the gap

Published On: Mar 21 2014 05:40:21 PM CDT
ST. LOUIS, Mo. -

You can't go too far in this town this week without someone talking about the Wiggins brothers. to those who know, and pay attention to such things, their relationship has been the talk of college basketball.

We set off to get to the bottom of Andrew and Nick's brotherhood. What is it that makes them tick? Who is the joker? Who is the worrier? Andrew's response to the question of, "tell me something about Nick that no one else would know?" His response, "(smile and pause) I can't tell you that." Prodded a little later; Andrew says that Nick is an overprotective big brother. Don't doubt that in the slightest.

The Wiggins have helped bridge the gap between KU and the Shockers this season. Well, at least it's another angle. Bill Self was asked about his knowledge of Nick and the recruitment of Andrew to KU. Self said that Nick was integral to getting Andrew to KU because they let Andrew make his own decision. But being a couple hours from his big brother didn't hurt.

'That was something we talked about, and Nick was actually great with us through the recruiting process. I mean, I haven't been around Nick a lot, but from a personality standpoint he seems very similar to Andrew," Self said during the Thursday press conference. "And he was helpful in the process, not telling Andrew where to go, but you think your parents would appreciate you make one trip instead of two and that kind of stuff."