Wichita residents clean up after 4th of July fireworks

Published On: Jul 05 2014 03:19:21 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 05 2014 07:25:53 PM CDT

July 4th's dazzling displays of color don't look quite the same the next morning.

Trash and charred bits and pieces of popped fireworks often litter some of the streets around Wichita, which is why some area residents were out making sure it got picked up.

"We're sweeping up black cats, sparklers, roman candles and stuff like that," said Christian Morgan, a Wichita boy. Morgan spent Saturday morning helping his family clean up their neighborhood.

"This morning I'm helping my grandparents clean up the neighborhood and not make it trashy," he added.

Others, like Wichita resident Courtney Billinger, said her family always tries to pick up their firework debris as they go. But sometimes at night, it's hard to see what all is left over in the streets.

"We try to pick it up as we go and put it in a bucket of water so it can cool down and then at night we try to sweep it and the next morning we sweep it up and let it cool down about 24 hours before we put it in the trash can," she said.

Though most of what you'll find left over in the streets is small, Billinger said she make a point to pick up any sparkler sticks. Because they're metal, she wants to make sure no gets hurt by stepping on one, or damages their car by running over it.

"All the trash and stuff can damage vehicles and stuff, especially the metal sparklers and stuff so it's better to just clean it up," said Billinger. "Plus, it just makes the neighborhood look better."

Officials with the Wichita Police Department said city officials aren't largely responsible for cleaning up the leftover firework trash around community streets, which is why they encourage area residents to clean up after themselves.

"It's not normal for the street department to come through unless there's something very unusual about the amount of it," said Sgt. John Hoofer with WPD. "The street sweepers don't get down the side streets very often."

If you have any concerns about fireworks being shot in your neighborhood, you can call the Sedgwick County Non-Emergency line. That number is 290-1011. The line stays open until three in the morning.