Wichita Police Crime Sheets: Wednesday - March 12

Published On: Nov 04 2013 12:00:00 AM CST   Updated On: Mar 12 2014 09:55:43 AM CDT
Mom tries to run over bf

Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

Stolen car…
7:30 am
A 19/m says someone stole his car from in front of his home in the 1200 block of S. Minneapolis. He says his other car was damaged during the theft. He thinks the people who stole the car had keys to the vehicle from a prior auto theft earlier this year. Police don’t have any suspects.

Stolen while warming up…
7:43 am
A 23/m says he left his car running in the 2800 block of S. Emporia and someone stole it.

Here’s a car…
8:55 am
A man says he found a vehicle in his backyard in the 2800 block of E. Wilma. He contacted the owner who says he last saw it in his driveway and that he may have left the keys in the ignition. He picked up the vehicle, which had some new damage to the right-rear corner. No suspects.

Not my grandson…
9:02 am
A 79/m says he received a phone call from someone claiming to be his grandson. The caller said he’d been in a car wreck and had a broken nose and needed money for bail. He said a lady ran a red light and hit him, but the wreck was blamed on him because he’d had a few drinks. The man verified that his grandson was still at home and hung up on the caller. The man’s grandson lives in Kansas City and was at a job interview when he got the phone call. He’s not out any money.

9:57 am
A 34/m says the parking garage door at a business in the 100 block of S. Emporia was vandalized with a BB or pellet gun. The glass door was shattered.

10:04 am
A 51/f says a man has been watching her as she walks her dog for the past several days. Police found the guy and arrested him on a city warrant. Police say he was in possession of a woman’s bra and ID belonging to someone else. The address of the incident is not listed due to the nature of the case.

10:45 am
An 18/f says she received a phone call from someone who claimed to be an investigator. He says that he would pick her up on warrants if she didn’t pay him. She called the warrant office and the sheriff’s department and found out, as she expected, she didn’t have any warrants. She didn’t send any money.

Concrete wall damaged…
12:10 pm
A 50/m says someone knocked a hole in his concrete block fence with a vehicle. He submitted photos and debris from the vehicle as evidence.

Battery at school…
12:11 pm
Three school employees reported to police that they were battered by a student in the hallway of a school in the 700 block of W. 33rd S. (South High). Two of them had minor injuries, but didn’t need medical care. The student was arrested.

Tires slashed…
1:34 pm
A 33/m says his tires were slashed while he was in a club in the 5500 block of W. Kellogg. He talked to the mother of his child, she admitted to doing it and said she can “do much more to him.” He made the report to let her know that he is serious.

Cigarettes swiped…
1:50 PM
A 43/m, who works for a business in the 2500 block of S. Seneca, says someone came into the store and asked for a carton of cigarettes. The store doesn’t sell cigarettes by the carton, only single packs. The employee put around nine packs on the counter. The guy grabbed six of them and ran from the store and took off in a car southbound on Seneca.

Pregnant school employee shoved...
3:33 pm
A 35/f, who is sixteen weeks pregnant, says she was pushed several times by a student at a school in the 2000 block of S. 143rd E. (Christa McAuliffe Academy) The student was arrested. The woman was not hurt.

Forgot something…
3:43 pm
A 25/m who works for a store in the 7700 block of E. Kellogg says one person (possibly two) shoplifted property and left in a car. The man found a cell phone in the dressing room with one of the shoplifter’s information in it.

Handgun in traffic…
4:32 pm
A 24/m says someone displayed a handgun while he was driving at 29th and Ridge Road. He says he felt threatened by the incident.

Stolen car keys…
5:38 pm
A 25/m says someone stole the keys to his car out of his locker in the 400 block of N. Market (YMCA). They then stole his vehicle. The report does not state whether the locker was locked at the time of the theft.

Getting the help he needs…
8:40 pm
A 75/f called police to say that she is unable to provide care for her great grandson. She says both of his parents live out of state now and she is no longer able to take care of the boy. The boy was taken to the Wichita Children’s Home.

Letting the dog out…
8:54 pm
A 27/m says someone is intentionally pushing his gate open and letting his dog out in the 1800 block of S. Faulders. He says this has happened several times recently, and he’s concerned about the welfare of his dog.

Got away empty handed...this time…
10:53 pm
A 19/m says someone forced open the attached garage door at his home in the 1200 block of S. Minneapolis. He says the intruder, who he did not recognize, tried to get into the home while three others were inside. He took off on foot after he was confronted. The man who reported the incident says he’s had two vehicles stolen from that same area in the past four days and believes he’s being targeted.