Wichita Police Crime Sheets: Thursday, November 14

Published On: Nov 04 2013 12:00:00 AM CST   Updated On: Nov 14 2013 01:25:16 PM CST
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Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

1:27 am
An officer reports a 27/m was driving near 15th Street N. and Holyoke when he swerved to miss an animal that ran in front of his car. As he swerved, he side-swiped another car - which also lost control. The second car hit a third car, which then struck a fourth car and a mailbox. The driver of the first car then tried to back up...and struck the fourth car a second time. The officer believes that first driver was not paying attention. The report does not state the fate of the critter...though there’s no mention of it being struck - so we’ll assume it’s okay.

Where are your papers?
9:23 am
An 88/f says someone is stealing her newspapers in the 3600 block of E. Meadow. It happened Tuesday and Wednesday. She said it also happened a few weeks ago and it is now apparently starting up again.

Cutting the soft top…
2:44 pm
A 20/f says someone cut open the soft top of her car to get inside. Once inside, the crooks stole some of her property. It happened in the 7100 block of W. Shade.

Green Dot cards…
2:58 pm
A woman reports someone calling her 90-year-old mother seven times on Thursday. The caller is trying to get her to purchase a Green Dot card. The caller has also threatened to come to Wichita and kidnap her if she doesn’t comply. The woman says her mother has received 750 calls from the guy over the past ten months. 750 calls…

Time for a car wash…
10:32 pm
A 46/f says she found bloody hand smears on the hood of her car, which was parked in the 9100 block of E. Harry. The blood was swabbed and submitted just in case.

Beer bottle attack…
1:46 am Thursday
A 46/m says she saw someone strike someone else with a beer bottle in the 4700 block of W. Kellogg. The man who was attacked was knocked unconscious and treated by medics. He refused to go to the hospital.