Wellington resident snowed in with $20k winning ticket

Published On: Feb 06 2014 06:04:26 PM CST

Courtesy: Kansas Lottery

TOPEKA, Kan. -

Damian Metcalf tucked what he thought was a $100 winning $2 Bonus Crossword ticket in the visor of his vehicle before leaving town Monday morning.

The 37-year-old Wellington resident thought he would take care of it when he got back into town the next morning. When Metcalf did return on Tuesday morning, he found he hadn't won $100.

"The cashier said the prize was too big, I would have to claim it at the Lottery office. I thought, well okay, maybe I won $2,000. I had been happy with the $100 and would be even happier with $2,000."

Metcalf took it home and he and his wife Tasha inspected the ticket a dozen times. Metcalf had missed a letter, and had actually won a top prize of $20,000.

"All our kids were home for the snow day and they were so excited. All of us were hugging and jumping up and down." Metcalf said. Only one Metcalf family member wasn't jumping up and down - the seven-year-old fell on the floor in disbelief.

Tasha Metcalf explained, "He kept yelling, 'We're filthy rich!' and was going on like we had won a huge Powerball jackpot. I had to explain to him we weren't filthy rich, but mom could buy him a new toy."

That new toy would have to wait though. The Kansas Lottery office was closed due a snowstorm on both Tuesday and Wednesday. The Metcalfs put the ticket on the fridge and kept checking it to make sure they hadn't missed something or weren't fooling themselves.

Tasha noticed that one of the words was 'Lee' which is also Damian's middle name. And the ticket number was 77, which is the year Damian was born.

After two days of waiting and snowed-in children making and modifying their lists of what to do with some of the winnings, the Metcalfs were finally able to come in to claim their winnings Wednesday morning.  They plan on using some of the money to pay off a vehicle, take a trip to see family in Minnesota (when it warms up) and, of course, a few toys were promised.

The ticket was purchased at Jump Start 24, located at 1106 North A Street in Wellington.  There are eight $20,000 top prizes remaining in the Bonus Crossword game.