"Villian" creeps around streets of Wichita

Published On: Dec 24 2013 01:03:27 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 01 2013 07:10:51 AM CDT

On Halloween night, many people will be putting on their favorite costumes. A unique look is nothing new for one Wichita man who wanders the streets of Wichita each night in his disguise.

He calls himself Night Villain. "I mean, I'm really good at hiding. Really good at hiding. It's a talent I have," he said.

Nigh Villain creeps around corners and through Wichita practically undetected. "He blends right in with the night. It's pretty weird, pretty weird," said a passerby.

"I embrace the dark. As a kid actually, I was afraid of the dark. I was terrified of the dark. But it's funny, when I became Night Villain, now I just embrace it. Now I realize the dark is a very good hiding spot and if you embrace it, it embraces you. You can just conquer anyone who steps into your domain," said Night Villain.

The mysterious man does not mean any harm. He feeds on the attention. "It makes me feel a little interesting. I appreciate all the people who come up to me and they say oh my gosh, we've seen you or we saw you somewhere and you disappeared and we don't know where you went. I say that's just because I know when I'm being followed. But I really do appreciate people who take my pictures and drive around looking for me, and I treat them nice. I treat them just the same way I want them to treat me."

He may follow the "golden rule" but he says he is not superhero. He does not try to fight crime. His actions aim to entertain. "I think the world needs a lot of odd because so many people try to conform to what they feel like they're supposed to be or what other people tell them they're supposed to be. But it's really just about being yourself and about finding who you truly are and just embracing that. That's what is going to set you apart."

Night Villain acts to be different, creating curiosity, and inspiring individuality. "I feel like it may be heroic, but at the same time it's villainist because so many people are going to try to stop you. So many people are going to try to break you down or say that you're being weird or that you're being stupid. But if you just hold your ground and you tell them, look this is me, if you have a problem with it go away."