Vietnam war veterans who suffer from "agent orange" raise awareness

Published On: Aug 07 2014 06:58:09 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 07 2014 07:34:11 PM CDT

WICHITA, Kan.- Hundreds of war veterans talked about "agent orange" at a meeting in Wichita. They wanted to know what was being done about it.

The chemical was used during the Vietnam war to clear the jungle. Now, veterans are saying it has not only affected their mental, physical and emotional health, but also their families.

The reason so many veterans were there is to raise awareness of "agent orange" and file a claim. Those claims then go through the va's database to keep track of who suffers from these side-effects.

Larry Macintire is a Vietnam war veteran. He says he has experienced "agent orange" first hand.

Macintire says he has had three types of cancer, the most recent is prostate cancer, which he says comes from "agent orange". Now, he says his kids are likely to have it.

He says, "My twin boys , they said they have a 90% chance of having it too."

Senator Jerry Moran spoke at the meeting today and has worked with Macintire to get veterans more help. They hope that putting a face to the issue will help solve the problem.

Moran says, "They should know these stories and know the challenge these vets face who serve their country. It's not only a problem for them, but also for their family, children and today, I learned even their spouses."

Several veterans gave their stories today. Macintire says their stories inspire him.

He says,  "When you hear their stories, it makes you feel better because mine aren't as bad."

Moran says there is a bill called "Toxic Exposure Act" currently in congress. The purpose of that bill is to study the effects of "agent orange".