TSA Precheck enrollment center now open in Wichita

Published On: Aug 06 2014 08:12:05 AM CDT   Updated On: Jun 25 2014 04:23:54 PM CDT

If you hate waiting in long lines at airports, the Transportation Security Administration is making it a little bit easier for you to bypass those lines.

The TSA has now opened a new Precheck Enrollment Center in Wichita located at 2021 N. Amidon Avenue, Suite 13. It's one of several more centers opening around the country as TSA hopes to expand to more than 300 application centers in the U.S.

The TSA Precheck is designed to expedite the security screening process by allowing approved flyers to leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belts, keep laptops in cases and a 3-1-1 gel/liquid bad in a carry-on while going through screening lanes.

"They provide some background information that we're able to check and verify and so therefore, the more we know about a passenger, the more we can focus on the folks that we don't know as much about so this speeds the process for all passengers," said Keith Osborn, Federal Security Director for Kansas.

To be Precheck approved, TSA officials encourage flyers to begin the application process online at and then schedule an appointment with your nearby TSA Precheck Enrollment Center. At the appointment, passengers need to bring two forms of government issued I.D. (i.e. driver's license and birth certificate) OR a passport. A fee of $85 dollars is also required.

All U.S. Citizens and lawful permanent residents are eligible to apply for TSA Precheck. Since TSA began offering the TSA Precheck to passengers in early 2014, some 300,000 flyers have already been approved and have received their Known Traveler Number (KTN) from the TSA.

After going through the application process, it takes about five days to process that enrollment and find out if you've been approved as a TSA Precheck flyer. Once approved, the Precheck approval is valid for five years.