Truancy officers shame seniors who are not graduating

Published On: Apr 15 2014 02:38:59 PM CDT
California school rally

(KERO/CNN) - A rally at a southern California high school upset many students and parents Tuesday.

The rally, which was mandatory for all Kern High School seniors to attend, turned into a moment of humiliation when employees singled out 34 students who are not graduating.

The two truancy officers dismissed the non-graduating students by calling each one by name, told them to stand up and look at the other students who were graduating and say goodbye.

The scene was caught on video.

"I was at the rally, we were all having a good time until they blacklisted the students who are not graduating," said Shae Holtachulte, a student.

Many students question the appropriateness of the rally by calling out those students who were on the redline list, as well as not slated to graduate at all.

"I don't think it's right that they called everyone out in front of the entire student body, that should have been saved for a private conference," said Joey Dobbs, a student.

Other students feel the rally was meant to inspire the students who are on the redline list to work harder, so they can make the grade and graduate.

Holtachulte's brother was one of the students called out.

"For another thing, administrators don't know what personal issues students are going through this semester, so humiliating them is completely unfair," said Holtachulte.

Officials with the Kern High School District said they do not condone the actions taken at the rally and apologize to students, family and all of those involved.

Usually students who will not be graduating are not invited to the annual rally. The action was taken by two truancy officers without approval. The principal of the school was not on campus of the school were not on campus Tuesday during the rally, KHSD officials said.