Thieves steal 29 head of cattle from livestock yard

Published On: Nov 08 2013 11:19:41 AM CST   Updated On: Mar 27 2014 08:59:50 AM CDT

Kansas authorities are looking for thieves who stole 29 head of cattle from an Anthony Livestock yard.

It happened Sunday night in the Harper County community. The suspects used a goose neck cattle trailer to load 29 heifers and steers from the Sale Barn in south Anthony. The loss is valued at $25,000.

"For this to happen under our nose, it definitely gets to us," said Jay Gates, livestock owner. The cattle also belonged to Gates.

There were 44 of all the same cattle in the pen. The thieves took 29, and shut the gates behind them.

Tom Burns, Harper County Undersheriff, said it's not unusual to see cattle loading and unloading in rural Kansas, but it's been years since thieves targeted the area.

"It's not like on TV," Burns said. "They don't do it in the middle of the night, they just come by and load up these cattle."

All of the cattle were branded "3V" with ears lobbed with an identification tag.

"We're gonna catch them," Gates said. "You don't steal those calves and get away with them."

Witnesses said they saw two men in a pick heading south out of town on Highway 179. Anyone with information is asked to call the Harper County Sheriff's Department at 620-842-5135.