Thieves target Special Olympics travelers

Published On: Jun 07 2014 10:08:15 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 08 2014 10:35:32 AM CDT

More than 1,400 athletes competed in the Special Olympics on Wichita State's campus this weekend, many coming from across the state. But one family wants to warn others, saying thieves targeted their cars for break-ins.

Randi Hugunin is in town from Burlington to cheer on her son Brayden. Brayden has competed in the games for the last four years and the family raises money to pay for traveling expenses for the games every year, but on Friday thieves broke into the family car and stole $250 of that money. 

"We had just had a great night. Brayden got to light the torch and we were exhausted and went inside, I forgot I'd left my purse inside the car," Randi said. 

Randi's husband woke her up Saturday morning and told her about the break-in. That's when they found out another family staying at their hotel had their car broken into too.

"Both our cars were decorated with Special Olympics stuff, I think the thieves saw that and figured we were easy targets," Hugunin says.

Hugunin says they'll have to "cut back" because of the theft but she won't let this crime ruin her family's weekend.

"because of him lighting the torch I think every tire could have been slit and every window broken out and that can't damage what this weekend is about," Randi said.

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