The least of these: A Kansan's mission to love all God's creatures

Published On: Apr 11 2014 06:32:42 PM CDT

Pamela Pirotte is on this planet to help. She spends her days running a nursing clinic in Wichita dedicated to helping the old and sick live independently at home. When she finishes there Pirotte heads to her peaceful home in the country where she begins her second job.

Pirotte owns the Hickory Hollow Animal Refuge Foundation out of her home. What started with a single rescue has turned into an operation with more than 200 animals, many who have been abused and neglected.

"This all comes from my faith and we're commanded to look after the least of these," Pirotte said.

Pirotte pays for vet bills, food, housing and a small payroll for staff from her own pocket.

"Sometimes I say to God send me a sign that this is what I'm supposed to do. It takes a lot of money and sometimes I'm afraid I'll let somebody down," Pirotte said.

Pirotte's organization is a non-profit and takes donations and volunteers, follow this link to see how you can help or adopt.