The Dipr: Does It Work?

Published On: Apr 16 2014 08:26:44 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 16 2014 10:23:48 PM CDT

It's not often the Ayesh girls see sugary sweets like Oreo cookies in their house. But their parents were willing to make an exception for this Does It Work test.

"This is a big treat," Dad, Clint Ayesh, said.

Two-year-old Peyton and four-year-old Kennedy are helping us test "The Dipr."

The makers say it's the ultimate cookie spoon-- designed for dunking. We bought a set of four for $11.95.  That does not include shipping and handling.

"It's kind of like a hanger for your clothes," Kennedy said.

Think of it as a hanger for your cookies.  Dad Clint fills-up their cups with milk for the test.  And, it's time to dunk.

Kennedy smiles at her success.  But it's short-lived when she realizes this spoon will take some getting used to.

Now, over to Peyton with a successful dunk!

The company's website says "The Dipr" is Oreo approved.  But it also says it should work on almost any sandwich cookie.  So, we try it on store brand peanut butter cookies.

Kennedy is now a professional dipper and makes a great point.

"I like it because my hands aren't wet," Kennedy said.

What does Dad think?

"Amazing.  It worked really well.  I think they had a blast with it," Clint said.

But do the girls think it works?

"Yes," Kennedy said. Peyton agrees.

"The Dipr" comes in five colors.  The makers say it will come in characters soon too.