Spirit Aerosystems asking laid off workers to return

Published On: Nov 08 2013 05:37:54 PM CST

Spirit AeroSystems is asking some engineers given lay off notices back in September to report to work Monday.

According to a statement from the company spokesman, Spirit “got additional work statement that we weren’t expecting,” which lead them to ask a “small number of engineers with specific skills” to come back to work. SPEEA, the union who represents some of the engineers who work at Spirit, said they first heard about the notices on Thursday.

At least 19 engineers who were given notices in September are affected. Spirit tells Eyewitness News that it is not a “recall” of workers, since they are still on the payroll. The union tells us those workers would be off the payroll on the 11th, the same day they are being asked back.

As part of the restructuring of the company, Spirit has offered voluntary layoffs and retirement options. SPEEA said 107 of the people they represent have taken one of the two options, 18 of them engineers. The union said three of those engineers were called back to work this week, bringing the number to 22 employees being asked back. SPEEA said two non-engineering positions are also possibly coming back.

On September 12, approximately 150 people were laid off from Spirit AeroSystems. Those affected were salaried and management workers, some of them being engineers.