Some schools cancel classes Thursday, plus clearing off snow

Published On: Feb 05 2014 03:36:05 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 05 2014 05:32:41 PM CST

Snow packed roads and wicked wind chills will shut down schools again Thursday. Wichita has cancelled classes. So has Maize, Valley Center, Haysville, and Goddard, but Derby schools will be in session.

Districts have to take care of their own snow clean-up before students return. In Wichita, crews cleared away parking lots and sidewalks at all 94 Wichita schools around town.

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It wasn't a city crew clearing away snow at Coleman middle school Wednesday. The district has it's own trucks and supplies to handle storm clean up.

"On any given day we will have 50 to 100 volunteers helping with our kids at lunches, so our parking lot has to be cleared for all that to work," said Principal Jeff Freund.

It's a quieter day inside Coleman with students at home, but not outside. In addition to the district snow trucks, Principal Freund also has a crew of five custodians to shovel sidewalks.

"With our round building we kind of pile up the snow at all the entrances pretty fast, so my crews really have to get here early," Freund said. "It's just a real intense attack."

An attack that will likely repeat itself in the coming days because the light, fluffy keeps blowing back onto the sidewalks.

"I have a great crew," Freund said. "They know it is kids first, and then they take care of our staff."

While most schools have cancelled classes again because of the cold weather, Wichita State University has not. Classes there will resume Thursday. 

Lori O'Toole Buselt, USD 266 director of communications, said Maize will be looking at making up some school time after three snow days. Administrators will be calculating hours to identify exactly how short we will fall and formulating a plan for making that up next week.