Some Kansans bracing for food stamp cuts

Published On: Nov 01 2013 09:40:22 PM CDT

For Sue Roy, it came as a surprise.

"I had no idea it was coming," she said.

Last month she got two letters about her food assistance.

"I got the letter saying that I was getting the $79 a month that I normally get," she said. "And in the same day, another one came saying that it had been changed to $59 dollars a month."

That $20 goes a long way.

"A lot of people seem to think we get a lot of money to live on," she said, "but $79 dollars for two people is not that much."

Area food pantries say they will also feel the impact of the cuts..

"When there's less income coming into the family, or less resources, it means that they're going to have to make up those resources someplace else," she said.

Deann Smith of the "Open Door Organization" says the cuts come during a really tough time.

"It is unfortunate timing right before the holidays, when we're trying to gear up," she said.

As for Roy, she says she and her daughter will do what they have to do. But it's not going to be easy.

"We've cut back to the bare bone as it is," she said.