Slow spring means allergy onslaught

Published On: Apr 04 2014 06:23:36 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 04 2014 06:51:50 PM CDT

Much of Kansas experienced a frigid and long lasting winter leaving many roads covered in ice and children out of school.

The long winter has pushed back mother nature's internal clock. Many plants that should have already bloomed are bare. Wendy Amposta with Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas says allergies may be mild for sufferers right now, but that will soon change.

"Because of this winter's long weather pattern all the plants are going to pollinate at once, before it was in a gradient, now it's one big go," Amposta said.

Amposta says her office has been busy with patients coming in to get treated ahead of the pollen releasing.

"We can do preventative treatments that will make life much easier for allergy sufferers, and that will be really needed especially this year, " Amposta said.

Amposta has been consulting local farmers about what they're seeing in the fields as well as looking up agriculture research to better predict the blooming timeline. She says plants should start blooming in the next two weeks.