Sheriff's speed radar destroyed by speeding vehicle

Published On: Oct 29 2013 08:06:05 AM CDT   Updated On: Oct 30 2013 01:16:56 PM CDT

Bonnie Fortney's house sits just a few feet away from 47th Street South. She's lived here for 19 years, and says speeding is nothing new.

"It's not patrolled very much by the Sheriff's Department that patrols this area," she said.

Nonetheless, Sedgwick County Sheriff Deputies wanted drivers to slow down. So Friday, they put a radar trailer along the road after receiving multiple complaints similar to Fortney's.

As it turns out, the trailer didn't even last for a weekend. It was struck by a vehicle, and whoever hit it - Lt. Save Mattingly said - was going fast. The destroyed radar was found 100 feet away from where it was planted.

The loss of the trailer will cost Sedgwick County around $3,000 - if it is replaced. There is only one other like it in Sedgwick County.

Fortney doesn't worry about speed. She said drivers along the road are just plain reckless.

"It's hard, because they just built a fire station down here," she said. "And when they're going to an emergency, cars don't even pull over. They just keep going."

Police found pieces of what they believe is a Toyota pickup truck in the area of the impact.