Sheriff's office says parents can use stickers for heat safety

Published On: Jul 29 2014 05:13:49 PM CDT
SALINA, Kan. -

The Saline County sheriff's office wants to remind parents to make sure they don't leave kids in the car.

They want to use “W.H.A.L.E. ID” car stickers, which are made to let emergency responders know there is a child in the car in case of a wreck.

In addition to having a sticker in the back window to alert emergency responders, they say parents can take the whale sticker and place it on their window as a reminder for when they get out of their car.

"I think that could make the difference,” Deputy Scott Trembley said. “That could make the difference between a child getting out safely and being forgotten in the back seat."

The stickers are free and you can get them at the sheriff's office.