Scammers targeting Victory Electric customers

Published On: Jan 09 2014 06:59:05 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 09 2014 07:18:35 PM CST

A warning for utility customers in southwest Kansas, scammers trying to get money from Victory Electric customers.

The company said it has received at least a dozen reports this week from people who have received calls about a past-due bill in Dodge City. The caller, claiming to be working for Victory Electric, is asking for payment through a pre-paid debit card. The calls are disguised as "victory Electric" on the caller id.

Arturo Tena, a Dodge City grocery store manager, said the scammers tried to target his business.

"It was this guy trying to collect personal information cause he said there was something wrong with the bill and we were going to get disconnected if we didn't make a payment as soon as possible," Tena said.

Tena said he called the company to verify the call.

Anyone who suspects a similar phone call should also try and get in touch with Victory Electric.