Salina Police find synthetic drugs called "potpourri" at pump mart

Published On: Aug 15 2014 05:20:51 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 15 2014 05:51:49 PM CDT
SALINA, Kan. -

Salina Police say they arrested the owners of a local Pump Mart yesterday for possession and distribution of illegal drugs.

The owners are Shobhanaben Mody, 53, and Rasik Mody, 60.

Officers say earlier this month they sent a confidential informant from the Drug Task Force into the Pump Mart to buy the potpourri labeled "green giant".

Police say "green giant" tested positive for a banned substance.    

Police say this is not the first time it's shown up in Salina. Lieutenant Bill Cox Says, "we then started getting, in the first part of August, a few EMS calls where people were reported getting sick from smoking this stuff."

Police seized bags of the drug on Thursday. Police say they are still trying to figure out how it's getting here and who it's coming from.

Cox says, "the problem being and what's been proven in the past is that we don't know who is mixing the chemicals or who is putting it in the bags."

Police say they also found "potpourri"at the Food Mart.  They say the sellers usually keep it behind the counter.
Cox says, "the people who use it know you can walk into either of the businesses and ask for it, some of the stuff you can ask for names."

One of the other products is called "nice guy shamrocks."

Police say they did not make an arrest at the Food Mart, but are still investigating.

"We see a lot of the High School kids in possession of this stuff, it's not marijuana although it is synthetic marijuana. They think it's OK but actually it's not."