Salina murder defendants start preliminary hearing

Published On: Nov 21 2013 09:47:36 PM CST
Salina defendents

Joel Heil and Dane Deweese had their preliminary hearing today. They have been accused of the first degree murder of Kristin Tyler, a Salina woman who went missing last April.  Tyler's body was found near the I-70 and I-135 interchange.

The prosecution called a number of witness to the stand, including a juvenile who was living with Heil last spring.

She said that over her time with she, Tyler, Heil and Deweese had all done meth and that Heil had concerns that she might be a cop and suspected that she might have stolen money from Deweese's garage.

She said that on the morning of April 25th, Tyler came to the house trying to find out the location of the car that Heil and the juvenile had taken down to Wichita tomorrow.

Then later that night, she said, Deweese and Heil left the house around 10:30pm and when they returned, about an hour later, they were wearing different clothes and had a plastic bag. She said they were exhausted and out of breath.

The juvenile recalled that Deweese and Heil left one more time and then Heil came back. When she asked him what happened he said he couldn't tell her because if she knew she could get in trouble.

She said the following day, April 26th, Heil and the juvenile went to a friends house where she says he confessed to killing Tyler, saying that he had to submerge her body in water multiple times and hit her with a chain.

The defense questioned her ability to remember the events, because she said they were all on meth at the time of the alleged confession

There were a number of other witness to take the stand. The prelim is scheduled to continue on Friday.